Use these tips to polish your terrazzo tiles

Use these tips to polish your terrazzo tiles

Terrazzo tiles flooring is composed of marble chips and natural stone fragments that have been combined with a cement-based binder. When polished, the marble and stone shards give terrazzo floors their shiny look. However, how can you bring out the radiance of the terrazzo floor?

You may be curious about the ins and outs of terrazzo tiles polishing: if you can do it yourself or how much hiring a flooring specialist would cost. These and other points are discussed in this blog devoted to terrazzo tiles floor polishing.

Are you capable of polishing terrazzo tiles yourself?

Yes, it is feasible to polish terrazzo tiles floors on a do-it-yourself (DIY) basis. You do not even need to acquire costly polishing equipment. You may easily hire such equipment for the length of the endeavor from a nearby retailer.

A planetary grinder, diamond abrasives, crystallization solution, and polishing powder are all examples of equipment and materials that you may need for terrazzo tiles polishing operation.

Additionally, if you are not a do-it-yourself type, you may engage a professional terrazzo tiles polisher to handle the task for you.

How to Shine Terrazzo tiles Floors

The following are some ways for preserving and restoring the shiny finish on a dull-looking terrazzo tiles floor surface:

1. Thoroughly clean the Terrazzo tiles floor.

Regular cleaning of terrazzo tiles surfaces contributes significantly to their lustrous look. Cleaning your terrazzo tiles floor at least twice a week will help guarantee that it retains its high gloss look for an extended period of time before polishing is required. The following is a brief process for cleaning terrazzo tiles floors effectively:

i. Sweep the floor to remove any loose dirt, debris, and dust particles using a broom or a dry mop.

ii. Using water or a pH-neutral cleaning product such as Black Diamond Stoneworks or OdoBan Neutral pH Floor Cleaner, wet-mop the whole terrazzo tiles floor.

iii. Using a dry mop or wrung mop, rinse the floor to eliminate any remaining water/cleaning solution. Alternatively, a wet vacuum cleaner may be used.

2. Coat the Terrazzo tiles floor with sealant

Terrazzo tiles’ cement binder is porous, making it susceptible to staining from liquids. This dulls the terrazzo floor’s luster. To avoid this, you must seal or re-seal your terrazzo tiles’ surface.

The following is a step-by-step guide on properly sealing terrazzo tiles flooring:

i. In order to repair a terrazzo tiles floor, you must first remove the old sealer material and then reseal the surface. By interacting with the old sealer on the terrazzo tiles surface, a stone tile remover solution dislodges it.

ii. Next, scrape the floor with a floor scraper to remove any loosened old sealant muck.

iii. Rinse the floor well with clean water to eliminate any residue from the stripper. Remove any rust spots and allow the floor to dry.

iv. Using a paint roller, apply a fresh layer of sealant to the terrazzo tiles’ surface after it has dried. Once you’ve sealed the whole floor, let approximately a half-hour for the first application of sealer to cure before applying a second coat.

v. Following the application of the second coat.

Polishing a Terrazzo tiles floor

Terrazzo tiles flooring may be polished in one of three ways:

  • Recrystallization
  • Polishing powder application
  • Diamond polishing

Diamond-polished terrazzo tiles surfaces may retain their satiny look for years but are the most costly of the three. In comparison, terrazzo tiles floors that have been polished using polishing powder or crystallization solutions often lose their luster after roughly two years.

1. Application of the Diamond Polishing Method

Diamond-polished terrazzo tiles surfaces need far less care than those polished with polishing powder or by recrystallization. This is because they may retain their high-gloss surface for an extended period of time – often up to eight years – without requiring repair.

If the repair of your terrazzo tiles floor has been neglected for an extended period of time and the floor is in exceptionally poor condition, the procedure begins with diamond grinding using a planetary grinder. Purchase coarse-grit diamond abrasives and use them to grind away scratches and scuff marks from the terrazzo tiles’ surface. After that, the terrazzo tiles surface is polished by running medium-grit diamond bits over it, followed by fine-grit diamond bits. The outcome is an eye-catching, high-gloss finish.

2. Method of recrystallization of terrazzo tiles floors

Crystallization, sometimes referred to as vitrification, is a process for polishing stone surfaces such as terrazzo tiles that involve the use of an acid solution, a steel wool pad, and grinding/polishing equipment. After putting a small quantity of solution onto the terrazzo tiles floor, the polishing machine equipped with the steel wool pad is used to distribute the solution uniformly throughout the surface.

The acid solution modifies the terrazzo tiles stone’s surface chemically during crystallization. The glossy look after crystallization is due to the calcium fluorosilicate layer at the top of the terrazzo tiles floor (a result of the interaction between the acid solution constituents and the terrazzo tiles surface). You can read about Use these tips to ensure your terrazzo tiles last long by visiting

3. Polishing the Terrazzo tiles floor using Polishing Powder

Here’s how to use polishing powder to buff terrazzo tiles floors:

i. Obtain some neutral-pH polishing powder. Numerous internet retailers sell them. Additionally, if you lack a buffing machine, you may rent one from a local construction equipment dealer.

ii. Next, connect the buffing machine’s soft polishing pads (like Prolux core heavy floor buffer). The pads should be light in color to avoid staining the terrazzo tiles.

iii. Sprinkle a generous quantity of polishing powder on the terrazzo tiles surface and buff until the powder is completely absorbed.

iv. After buffing, use a damp mop to remove any remaining polishing powder or slurry and allow the floor to dry.

v. Once the floor is completely dry, buff it again until a visually stunning, shining finish is achieved.

How much does it cost to polish terrazzo tiles?

Perhaps you lack the time or money necessary to complete do-it-yourself terrazzo tiles polishing job and are curious as to how much it would cost to hire a professional contractor to accomplish it. To begin, the cost of polishing your terrazzo tiles surface will vary according to many aspects, including the size of your home, labor expenses, and the kind of polishing utilized.

Terrazzo tiles polishing costs between $1 and $8 per square foot. As a result, the bigger the terrazzo surface, the more expensive it will be to polish. Terrazzo contractors charge an average of $30 per hour for work.